Baby Sea Lion
President Obama Signs Legislation to
Combat Toxic Algal Blooms

President Obama signed legislation today to combat the serious problem of toxic algal blooms affecting our oceans, beaches, rivers and lakes. Read More >>
Trash Free Seas

As you know, marine debris (plastic and other garbage in our oceans) is a huge and growing problem. Marine debris is estimated to kill millions of seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals each year. Learn More >>

We help elect members of congress who will fight to protect our oceans, and, we defeat candidates and members who don't. That, in essence, is what Ocean Champions is all about. More on this Issue >>
Elections matter, and voters count

To get people elected to Congress, who promote healthy ocean policies, we need engaged and informed citizens who vote... Read More >>
Ocean Champions Endorsed
Candidates for the 114th Congress
Final election results:
Ocean Enemy #1 Goes Down;
54 ocean champions elected...
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The ocean community may be the most passionate group in the entire environmental movement. That's a good thing, because we're also
probably the smallest.
Because we're small relative to the rest, every single person in the movement matters. Ocean activists can still win big, but only when we all fight together. Become a Member >>
My Ocean Story

A couple of weeks ago I went to the beach with my dog. It is a beach in Seaside that I frequent not because it is the most beautiful area, but because it is close to my house, allows dogs and is peaceful. But lately, there has been a change. In the last couple of [...] More Blog >>

Ocean Champions is the only ocean group that helps elect the Members of Congress who fight for our oceans.