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1/26/2015 WaPo: Obama administration to propose new wilderness protections in Arctic refuge
1/25/2015 President Obama Calls on Congress to Protect Arctic Refuge as Wilderness
1/24/2015 Sea Sparkle: Eerie Blue Glow Off Hong Kong Blamed on Pollution
1/15/2015 NYT: Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says
12/6/2014 Capitola-based group works to get pro-ocean candidates elected
11/6/2014 The Hill: Healthy, thriving oceans; An issue we can agree on
11/5/2014 EDFish: Out with the tide: Lessons from Steve Southerland's shock electoral defeat
11/5/2014 Environment News Service: The Planet Loses as Republicans Seize Control of Congress
11/5/2014 The Inertia: Will This Election Be Good for Fish and Surfers?
11/4/2014 Huff Post Live Blog: Enviros' Least-Favorite House Member Goes Down
10/26/2014 In Florida, a water-pollution warning that glows at night
10/21/2014 Blue Notes: Will This Election be Good for Fish?
10/6/2014 Roll Call: Democrats Aim to Boost Black Turnout With Radio in Florida
10/3/2014 Cook: Top 2014 House Independent Expenditures by Group
9/22/2014 Red tide off northwest Florida beaches killing marine life
9/19/2014 Cook: Top 2014 House Independent Expenditures by District
9/9/2014 Greens hang 'ocean enemy No. 1" tag on Republican in tough Panhandle contest
9/4/2014 Randy Olson, PhD., #366) Championing Ocean Champions
9/1/2014 Politics-Minded Marine Group Targets ‘Ocean Enemy #1’
9/1/2014 Sea-Technology: Ocean Champions Endorses Rep. Suzanne Bonamici
8/31/2014 Large 'dead zone' signals more problems for Chesapeake Bay
8/14/2014 Roll Call: New Democratic Poll Shows Florida Congressman in Peril
8/14/2014 New ad hits Southerland on fishery issues
7/25/2014 Toxic algae close Lake Temescal to swimmers
7/24/2014 Alarming 'dead zone' grows in the Chesapeake
7/2/2014 Sandusky: President signs Senator Portman's algal bloom bill
7/2/2014 Intersex Fish in PA Rivers
7/1/2014 Obama signs bill for more toxic algae research
7/1/2014 WFLX: President Obama signs toxic water bill benefiting Treasure Coast
7/1/2014 WPTV: Toxic Water: President Obama signs bill for more toxic algae research
7/1/2014 FOX: President Obama signs toxic water bill benefiting Treasure Coast
7/1/2014 WKMG: Dead fish litter Volusia beach
6/30/2014 NPR: Obama Signs Northwest Lawmaker's Bill For Toxic Algae Research
6/30/2014 Palm Beach Post: Obama signs. Sen. Nelson bill for more toxic algae research
6/30/2014 The Columbus Dispatch: Obama signs Portman bill fighting toxic algae
6/30/2014 National Journal: Statement by the Press Secretary on... S. 1254
6/30/2014 Obama signs bill for more toxic algae research
6/30/2014 WCNC: Obama signs bill for more toxic algae research
6/30/2014 FCN2GO: Obama signs bill for more toxic algae research
6/30/2014 Portland Tribune: Algae bloom bill signed by Obama
6/30/2014 Statement by the Press Secretary on...S.1254
6/27/2014 Portman, Nelson Introduce Bipartisan Bil to Combat Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia
6/27/2014 Harmful Algal Bloom Bill Sent To Obama
6/27/2014 Fish suffocate amid algae in Lake Apopka
6/21/2014 Harmful blue-green algae bloom discovered in Lost Creek Lake
6/25/2014 Outside spending group targets 'Mr. Big Time' Steve Southerland in TV ad
6/25/2014 HABs Bill Finally Passes Congress!
6/20/2014 U.S. Senate approves Portman algal bloom bill
6/20/2014 Harmful Algal Bloom Bill is Passed
6/19/2014 Text of the Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act of 2013
6/17/2014 The Hill, Senate sends Obama bill to research algae harm on fish
6/17/2014 NOAA, Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act of 2014 Passes
6/17/2014 Sen. Nelson's PR: Congress approves funding to battle toxic algae in Florida's waterways
6/14/2014 Roll Call: New Democratic Poll Shows Florida Congressman in Peril
6/13/2014 The Week In Congress: S.1254 Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research., Week Ending June 13, 2014
6/12/2014 USA House of Representatives approves Harmful Algal Blooms Act
6/10/2014 GOP.GOV / Legislative Digests / S. 1254
6/10/2014 S.1254 - Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Research and Control Amendments Act of 2014
6/9/2014 S.1254 Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Rearch and Control Amendments Act of 2014
6/9/2014 House Passes...Harmful Algal Bloom and Hypoxia Reasearch and Control Amendments Act
6/9/2014 CONGRESS.GOV / Thomas: Calendar No. 248 / S. 1254
6/7/2014 Plant operators get ready to deal with summer algal toxins
6/6/2014 Watsonville's Pinto Lake electrocuted
6/5/2014 State issues toxic algae warnings for Buckeye Lake
6/5/2014 Algae bloom scruttles Free Fishing Weekend
5/20/2014 Dog Deaths and Illnesses from freshwater Cyanobacterial Bloom Exposure: A Call to Action!
5/12/2014 Deadly harvest: Toxic algae killing sea life at record levels
5/4/2014 2014 Oregon Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) Stakeholder Meeting
4/11/2014 Health Department Warns Against Eating Anchovies, Sardines from Monterey, Santa Cruz Counties
4/7/2014 Toxin found in sport-harvested shellfish from Monterey Bay
3/4/2014 John DeStaso's Granite Status Political Column, Manchester Union Leader
2/13/2014 Portman Bill to Combat Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia Passes Senate
2/12/2014 Gaining the President's Signature on S.1254 - Oregon Lakes
2/5/2014 From Alaska to Florida, attorneys general join fight to end Chesapeake Bay cleanup
1/7/2014 Central Florida's Toxic Algae Blooms Have Some Calling 2013 The 'Lost Summer'
11/29/2013 Red tide hitting Sanibel beaches
11/3/2013 Red tide lingers, bringing allergies and fishy stench near Santa Cruz beaches
10/9/2013 Blue-green algae advisory for Tenmile Lakes
9/17/2013 Algae bloom kills fish in Satellite Beach canal, FWC says
9/16/2013 Court rules for EPA on Chesapeake Bay, Farm Bureau disappointed
9/14/2013 Green Menace of toxic algae threatening Lake Erie
9/13/2013 Toxic algae warning issued for Walterville Pond
9/5/2013 Officials: Carroll Township residents SHOULD NOT drink water, Harmful algal toxins found
8/17/2013 Algae alert issued for Fern Ridge Lake
8/14/2013 Toxic algae spur warning at Lake Erie beach near Toledo
8/12/2013 Algae blooms invading Cape Coral canals
8/9/2013 Riverkeeper: Stay away from the St. Johns
8/3/2013 Swimming section of triathlon canceled due to toxic algae bloom
8/1/2013 Blue-green algae bloom threatens wildlife, economy
7/24/2013 Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxin Closes Beaches In South Puget Sound For First Time
7/21/2013 Algae in Lake Erie scaring off tourists
7/10/2013 Toxic algae kills dog: 'The poisons can come in through the skin'
7/3/2013 State: Don't drink - or touch - this water
6/19/2013 Biologists race to solve mysterious mass animal deaths in Florida lagoon
6/15/2013 Algae toxin detected at Clermont County park
6/12/2013 Blue-green algae bloom spotted in Gulf off Sanibel
6/8/2013 Ohio reservoir tested after harmful algae found
6/1/2013 2013 Sea State Reports Show Major Protections Are Needed to Keep Ocean Ecosystems Healthy
5/29/2013 First-Ever National Ranking Shows Most Coastal States Failing to Protect Oceans
5/24/2013 State officials issue toxic algae warning for Grand Lake St. Marys
5/16/2013 Toxic algae threatens Lake Erie
4/29/2013 Southwest Florida manatee death toll has likely peaked
4/10/2013 Florida Algae Bloom Leads to Record Manatee Deaths
2/6/2013 Red tide alert issued in Florida
11/5/2012 E&E Daily: Enviros aim to unseat 'ocean enemy No. 1' in Fla. House race
10/29/2012 Washington Post: National ocean policy sparks partisan fight
10/25/2012 Cape Gazette: Senator Carper is a champion for Delaware
10/24/2012 Jim Clyburn: Ocean Champions Endorses Cong. James Clyburn (D-SC)
9/14/2012 Donna Edwards: Rep. Edwards Endorsed by Ocean Champions PAC
9/13/2012 Ben Cardin: Ocean Champions Endorses Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)
9/6/2012 Palm Desert Patch : Bono Mack Gets Endorsement from Oceans Group
8/31/2012 World Ocean Radio: Ocean Champions
8/15/2012 Alan Lowenthal: Ocean Champions Endorses Alan Lowenthal for CA-47
8/9/2012 San Diego Politico: Ocean Champions Endorses Scott Peters for CA-52
7/18/2012 Darcy Burner: Ocean Champions Endorses Darcy Burner
5/30/2012 Blog Talk Radio: Ocean and Beach Party!
5/30/2012 Ocean Champions PAC Gives the Ocean a Political Voice
4/25/2012 Martin Heinrich:  Ocean Champions Endorsement
4/22/2012 Hawaii News Now:  Hirono Endorsement
4/22/2012 HI-Sen: A beautiful Earth Day in Hawaii as Hirono scores key endorsements
4/22/2012 Mazie Hirono: Leading environmental groups endorse Mazie Hirono's candidacy for the United States Senate on Earth Day
9/30/2011 Santa Cruz Sentinel: Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors to Honor 'Green Businesses'
9/13/2011 Canada Views: Bipartisan Group of Senators Announce Formation of Oceans Caucus
9/13/2011 Consortium for Ocean Leadership: Bipartisan Group of Senators Announce Formation of Oceans Caucus
9/8/2011 Jared Huffman: Jared Huffman announces the endorsement of Ocean Champions
7/2/2011 The Hill: Inhofe blames illness on lake algae
7/1/2011 TP: After Getting Sick From Algae Bloom Exacerbated by Heat Wave and Drought, Inhofe Jokes the "Environment Strikes Back"
6/24/2011 Santa Cruz Sentinel: People in Business
6/22/2011 Times Publishing Group: Samantha Campbell to Chair Ocean Champions Board of Directors
6/9/2011 Algal Blooms Are Bad News for Salmon
4/27/2011 Capitola Soquel Times: Ocean Champions in Capitola Recognized as a Certified Green Business
4/22/2011 Good Times Santa Cruz: Support Local Green Businesses
1/21/2011 Solutions Journal: Why Political Hardball Can Save the Oceans
12/8/2010 The Organic Report: Why direct political engagement matters for the oceans and organic agriculture
9/12/2010 Otters Dying from Algae in Monterey Bay
9/11/2010 Monterey Sea otters killed by toxic algae
7/24/2010 San Francisco Examiner: Conservationists conflicted over Obama's National Ocean Policy
7/20/2010 San Jose Mercury News: Obama's new ocean policy offers greater safeguards for Central Coast
7/20/2010 Santa Cruz Sentinel: Obama's new ocean policy offers greater safeguards for Central Coast
7/19/2010 Puget Sound Maritime: Conservation Groups Applaud National Ocean Policy
7/19/2010 Surfline: Conservation Groups Applaud National Ocean Policy
7/16/2010 Big Blend Radio: 5 Things To Do About the BP Oil Gusher
6/19/2010 FIS: Building Political Power for the Oceans in Congress
6/16/2010 LA Times: Social nets wrap
6/15/2010 Boxer blog: Environmental Leaders Stand Up for Barbara Boxer
6/15/2010 CLCV: Environmental Leaders Stand Up for Barbara Boxer
5/11/2010 Markey website: Ocean Champions Endorses Ed Markey
5/11/2010 100+ Environmental Groups Sign on to No Drilling Letter
5/3/2010 Texas League of Conservation Voters
4/26/2010 Ocean Champions on Big Blend Radio Show
4/20/2010 Ocean Champions Endorses Frank Kratovil
3/26/2010 Ocean Champions Applauds House Passage of Legislation to Combat Toxic Algae
3/18/2010 The Nature Connection - March 19, 2010
3/12/2010 OCEANS: House approves bill expanding algal blooms
3/12/2010 Algal Blooms, hypoxia bill approved by House
3/12/2010 Congressman Connie Mack Speaks on Red Tide
3/9/2010 Energy and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Brian Baird's Floor Speech on HR 3650, the Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia Research and Control Act of 2010
2/10/2010 Moir's Environmental Dialogues: Ocean Champions on Moir's Environmental Dialogues
1/4/2010 Environment and Energy Daily: Top Republican on Oceans Subcommittee to Retire
8/6/2009 OCEANS: Senate panel OKs dead zone, mapping bills  
5/13/2009 Santa Cruz Sentinel: Coast Lines: May 13, 2009: Ocean Champions gets new director
11/18/2008 Marine advocates look to new leadership to advance lengthy agenda
11/07/2008 What Santa Cruz can expect from Obama administration
10/31/2008 Oceans group targets suddenly vulnerable S.C. Republican
07/24/2008 Tiny Capitola environmental group works to shape November elections
5/30/2008 Bilbray no ocean champion
04/06/2008 Advocate for oceans finds common ground with GOP
02/01/2008 'Friend of fish' faces fight in Md. Republican primary
11/20/2007 Naples News, Letter to the Editor: Keep going on Red Tide
8/5/2007 Increase in red tides prompting environmentalists to seek answers
8/2/2007 Ocean Champions Helps Secure Funds For Red Tide Research
7/24/2007 Castor Boosts Red Tide Research
11/8/2006 But was this election good for the Fish?
10/24/2006 Pombo-McNerney campaign lures special interest dollars
9/5/2006 Groups step up bid to dump incumbent
3/12/2006 Mother Jones: The Ocean Champions
3/1/2006 Ocean Policy: It's A Matter of Leadership
9/29/2005 Scientists unite in bid to drive policy
11/30/2004 Ocean-advocacy groups find success backing GOP
8/10/2004 New Blue Movement looking out for the oceans
8/9/2004 Ocean activists flexing some political muscle
8/6/2004 Ocean groups seek to influence elections, galvanize constituency