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O.C. Currents

04/23/15 Elections matter, and voters count

11/12/14 Ocean Enemy #1 Goes Down; 50+ Ocean Champions Prevail

11/03/14 Vote the Ocean November 4!

09/29/14 A picturesque evening honoring ocean champions

08/28/14 It is up to us

08/22/14 Join in - Help Sink Southerland

08/15/14 New Poll Shows Ocean Enemy #1 Sinking!

08/11/14 Ocean Champions Endorses Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR-1)

06/03/14 Ocean Champions Endorses Aimee Belgard (D-NJ-3)

05/14/14 Ocean Champions Endorses Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

04/16/14 Alaska's son, getting it done!

02/14/14 HAB you heard the good news?

02/13/14 2014 - good year for the oceans?

01/27/14 Help us support Congresswoman Capps!

12/03/13 #OceanLove on #GivingTuesday

11/20/13 Ocean Enemy Stepping Down, Ocean Health Looking Up!

10/24/13 How's Ocean Enemy #1 These Days?

10/22/13 Ocean Story

10/08/13 Great views, great food and legislative action!

09/11/13 Don't Miss Our Big Ocean Party Next Week!

06/27/13 Ocean Champions Hails Introduction of Bipartisan Ocean Bill

06/24/13 Ocean Champions Endorses Congressman Jerry McNerney (D-CA)

04/22/13 Two Great Endorsements for Earth (Oceans) Day!

03/26/13 Thank You!

03/25/13 An Ocean of Possibilities!

11/07/12 Thanks to you, our oceans are better off today!

11/06/12 Vote the Ocean!

10/02/12 Ocean Enemy #1 is Going Down!

09/25/12 One Fish, Two Fish, Let's Protect A Lotta Fish!

08/15/12 California Coastal Hero Ready for National Role

08/13/12 We Need More Like Him

08/09/12 Out With the Old and In With the New!

08/03/12 41 Reasons To Join

08/01/12 We Love LA (and it's Congressman)!

07/18/12 Catch this Washington Wave of Ocean Champs!

07/17/12 Meet the Fantastic Four!

06/28/12 Ocean Champions Endorses Congressman John Garamendi

06/28/12 Ocean Champions Hails Introduction of Bipartisan Ocean Bill

06/20/12 She Is A Force For Nature

06/07/12 Meet the Ocean All Star Team Captains!

05/31/12 Ocean Champions Endorses Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

04/25/12 Caverns, Painted Deserts and Senate Champions

04/23/12 Aloha to our Newest Champion

04/12/12 Your Choice for Ocean Enemy #1 Is...

03/22/12 Who Is The Worst Ocean Congressman?

03/08/12 You Did It!

12/22/11 Greetings of the season and best wishes for the New Year!

12/19/11 Ocean Lovers Wow Senators

11/18/11 Good Things Come In Threes!

10/13/11 Senate Champions Fight Toxic Tides!

10/03/11 A Night Like No Other!

09/23/11 The Ocean Team's #1 Draft Choice Is...

09/03/11 Annual Ocean Reception

08/26/11 Why Political Hardball Can Save the Oceans

07/29/11 Toxic Tides Bill Passes Committee - On to the House Floor!

07/22/11 Tell Congress to Fight Ocean Plastic!

07/15/11 HAB you heard the news?

07/14/11 Congressman Farr Delivers a Big Ocean Win!

06/22/11 Samantha Campbell to Chair Ocean Champions Board

06/14/11 Night of the Living Dead Zone Bill

05/12/11 Senators Whitehouse and Snowe Introduce National Endowment for the Oceans

05/05/11 House Bill Risks Mid-Atlantic Oil Spill

01/07/11 Ocean Champions Applauds Commerce Secretary Locke

01/06/11 Winning in 2011

01/03/11 Some Good Conservation Bills Passed; What's Next?

12/14/10 Your Voice Could Pass 100+ Great Conservation Bills!

12/01/10 Huge Win for Healthy Oceans!

11/22/10 We've Got Time For Just One More Shot!

11/04/10 Election Update

11/01/10 Today's the Big Game!

10/26/10 Courage and Commitment

10/14/10 Champions From the Wild, Wild West

10/08/10 Bipartisan Agreement in the Same State?

10/05/10 One, Two, Three. Three GLORIOUS Ocean Champions

09/29/10 "Mainly" We Think She's an Incredible Champion

08/25/10 It's A SEAlebrity Party! Annual Reception September 21st

08/23/10 Welcome Ocean Protection Paddler Margo Pellegrino

08/05/10 He CLEARly Displayed His Credentials as a Champion

08/02/10 It's CLEAR We Won!

07/27/10 You Spoke and Congress Listened

07/22/10 Emergency Action Needed - Ocean Conservation Funding In Jeopardy

07/20/10 A National Ocean Policy is Born

07/16/10 A CLEAR Victory for the Oceans

06/30/10 Ocean Champions Goes to the Farr Side

06/28/10 Act Now - Only One Day Left!

06/22/10 There's No Hoding Him Back!

06/15/10 Battling for Boxer Against the Forces of Incompetence

06/09/10 Pombo Defeated Again!

06/08/10 Marine Sanctuaries and so much more!

06/04/10 Ocean Champions Endorses Senators Leahy and Mikulski

06/01/10 Build On The Momentum

05/25/10 Tough Loss in HI-1, But Case to Fight On

05/18/10 A Bipartisan Team For Coastal Water Quality!

05/13/10 Senate Climate Bill A Game Changer?

05/12/10 Three Weapons to Fight Big Oil

05/03/10 Climate Bill Yes, Offshore Oil Drilling No!

04/13/10 A Fresh New Face for WA-3rd

04/07/10 Maryland's champion in a dogfight with Pombo Jr.!

03/31/10 Say "Aloha" to the champion from Hawaii

03/24/10 Ocean Enemy #1 Is Back!

03/12/10 Toxic Tides Bill Rocks The House!

02/18/10 Fatally Consistent Harmful Algal Blooms

02/05/10 This Friday Is It!

01/21/10 Overfishing

01/07/10 Wear Blue For The Ocean Day Rally

01/06/10 January 13th: Wear Blue Day

12/18/09 Happy Holidays from Ocean Champions

12/02/09 Thank You!

11/25/09 Happy Thanksgiving

11/04/09 Double Down on Ocean Health!

10/28/09 Akashiwo Sanguinea Strikes Again

10/08/09 HABs Wins! HABs Wins! HABs Wins!

10/07/09 Oh, What a Night!

10/02/09 Baird Busts HABs!

09/25/09 Help Stop Killer Algae!

09/02/09 Obama Administration Officials to Hold Ocean Policy Task Force Public Meeting in San Francisco on September 17, 2009

08/14/09 Don't Miss Out!

08/05/09 The Harmful Algal Blooms (aka Toxic Tides) bill is on the move!

07/29/09 Wednesdays - Moir's Environmental Dialogues

07/22/09 The Great Blobs of Alaska

06/26/09 Put on Your Rally Cap (& Trade), the Climate Bill Passes the House!

06/15/09 President Obama Acts For Our Oceans

06/12/09 Presidential Memorandum and Proclamation

06/08/09 Happy World Ocean Day!

06/02/09 Harmful Algal Blooms Live in Fear of Ocean Champions!

05/21/09 Help Stop Harmful Algal Blooms!

05/08/09 Mike Dunmyer Joins the Ocean Champions Team

04/28/09 Time To Friend The Ocean!

04/15/09 Offshore Oil Drilling

03/07/09 Ocean Champions Honors Rep. Sam Farr (D-Carmel) At Blue Vision Summit in WA. D.C

02/19/09 Hey Champs, Be the Blue!

12/20/08 It's been a big year for all of us

11/05/08 A Bright Road Before Us

10/31/08 Help Us Take Down Brown!

10/28/08 2008 Final Endorsements: John Adler & Linda Stender

10/24/08 Linda Ketner: The New Face of Ocean Leadership

10/13/08 Another Wave Rolls Ashore: Pingree, Jennings & Hagan

09/26/08 Ocean Champions Announces Full Support of Candidate Nick Leibham in California's 50th District

09/16/08 Ocean Champions Endorsements: The Third Wave

09/10/08 Olympic Champion Joins Ocean Champions

09/05/08 One Week for the Oceans

08/25/08 Ocean Champions Endorses Mark Begich of Alaska & Frank Kratovil of Maryland

08/12/08 Ocean Champions Announces Second Wave of Political Endorsement

07/29/08 Ocean Champions Endorsements Draw Media Attention

07/17/08 Ocean Champions Announces First Wave of Political Endorsement

07/07/08 Offshore Drilling Is Not The Answer

06/06/08 It Takes More Than Words To Be An Ocean Champion

04/28/08 Victory for Oceans 21!

04/15/08 Hey Champs! We're on YouTube!

01/01/70 New Poll Shows Ocean Enemy #1 Sinking!

01/01/70 Ocean Champions Endorses Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-CA-26)